Liquidtouch Promotions

Margaret Stoop, MD and owner of Liquid Touch Promotions was born to a family deeply rooted in the South African retail industry, but it is through hard work that Margaret managed to steadily grow the company despite many hardships and obstacles along the way.

Margaret has done internships with Oglivy, Willowton Oil and numerous other multi-national companies. The company has been in existence for the past 5 years, and with the help of her reliable team she is able to do it all. Background knowledge in retail and marketing has allowed the team at Liquid Touch to grow brands and build customer relationships. We are based in KwaZulu Natal, Kloof, Durban.

Liquid Touch Social Responsibility

Margaret’s Stoop and her passion for helping the needy is also prevalent as she supports almost every cause imaginable almost nothing seems too much.

Our social responsibility programs include:

  • Donations to Zimbabwean pensioners   
  • Schools
  • Pets in need
  • Donations to Churches
  • Donations to clinics
  • Golf day charities 
  • VEMA: Voluntary emergency
  • Ponta Protect animal welfare
  • Boston Terrier Rescue
  • Santa shoe box collection

We believe that good business is not just about providing a service but it is through giving back to the same community that makes us who we are.

Through promotions and other Liquid Touch activities we have managed to employ over 300 people on a temporally basis.

We understand that our clients have created value for our customers by uncovering their needs wants and providing services to satisfy those needs. Our responsibility is to inform, remind and persuade consumers in order for our clients to deliver value at a profit, increase sales and create customer loyalty.