Every organization needs the service of a sales promotion company in order to compete in the market, attract price sensitive consumers, influence the consumers buying decision and increase the number of brand loyal customers.

Our promotions range from in-store promotions to outdoor activations with speaker system, attractive displays and a team of well trained promoters in uniforms. We have the means and the capabilities to help your product grow in the market and we offer to do so at a very reasonable rate.

Full promotional feedback are given to clients after each promotion including:

An analysis of the promotion

Consumer’s negative and positive feedback,

Sales figures

Promoters Training Structure

Promoters are well trained and we focus on the following areas:

Good communication skills( how to approach customers)

The products and services Features, Advantages & Benefits.

How to handle price sensitive consumers.

Ways of influencing consumers to change their buying decisions( switching brands)

Presentable uniforms

Attractive POS displays. (includes wet & dry promotions)


We make sure promoters have accurate information so that they do not provide misleading information to consumers.