Liquid Touch Unique Selling Proposition


We are a promotions company with unique knowledge in the lower lsm field as well as rural areas.

Our dedicated teams are able to communicate in all official languages.

We strive in providing quality services to our clients by growing their consumer base in a creative and fun manner.

Helping consumers make the right choices when choosing brands that provide good value.

Exposing consumers to brands and products that are being launched in the market.


We hold promotions for our own Mama spices along with other brands including:

Boxer house brands, Boxer bakeries, Shibobo maize meal, Pride maize meal, MTN, Vodacom, Bravo chips, Selati, Nedbank, Mont Eagle, Get Fit Gym, Freddy Hirsch, Crown National, Khulu soaps, Imvelo , O’la ice cream, Rhino Cash & carry, Umakhonya, Subs, Jiggies corn flakes  and many more.


Every promotion is segmented according to its own unique proposition e.g. Boxer house brands use the demographic and geographical segmentation where we target the middle /lower class price sensitive consumers.

We are Proud to present our Pricing Structure
1.    Lower LSM Promotions are charged at a reasonable rate of R245.00 excl VAT per slot, per store.
2.    Higher LSM services are individually charged according to the client’s needs and requirements.